Huami New Material

Dust cover

It is made of rubber or engineering plastics, featuring flex resistance and impact resistance, and can effectively protect key parts. It is used in automobile shock absorbers, ball cages and other parts.


O-rings are widely used in various industries, and different materials and structures are selected to meet dynamic and static sealing.

Cylinder head gasket

The engine is at high temperature, and the material of this product requires excellent high temperature resistance and aging resistance to ensure its service life. It is used inside engines such as automobiles.

Valve seat

Applied to pipeline transportation, need to carry high pressure.

Gasket for high-speed rail

The industry requires materials to be flame-retardant and low-VOC. Through formula design and structural optimization, the product's high flame retardancy and new requirements for environmental protection are highly balanced. It is assembled in large quantities in high-speed rail and metro.

Gaskets for high speed trains

Industry requirements of material flame retardant, low VOC, through the formula design and structure optimization to achieve a high degree of product flame retardant and environmental protection of the new requirements. In high speed rail, subway mass assembly.

Framework oil seal

The framework oil seal is widely used, with rotary reciprocating motion and high dimensional accuracy requirements. According to the use environment, nitrile rubber, fluororubber and other materials can be selected.

Pipe cleaning plug

The product requires high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is used for downhole pipeline cleaning.

V-shaped fabric seal

The combination of rubber and fabric is suitable for high-pressure sealing and is used in various mechanical equipment.

PU sealing ring

PU is wear-resistant and has high strength, and the sealing ring can be used in high-pressure reciprocating environment.

POM seal

POM has good wear resistance, good electrical properties and excellent mechanical properties, and is widely used in pneumatic sealing components.

Flexible rubber joint

It solves the diameter deviation, axial expansion and non-concentricity of the pipeline, and has the advantages of reducing pipeline noise, good sealing, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life.

PTFE sealing ring

PTFE sealing ring has excellent performance, has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, and can be used in complex environments such as high pressure.

Blowout preventer rubber core for oil field

The product is used under high pressure, and the process adopts the multi-layer casting method, which realizes the composite bonding of multi-layer polyurethane materials and meets customer requirements.

Wedge Disc

The products are widely used in petroleum, gas, tap water and other industries for sealing.

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