Huami New Material

Introduction to High Material Business Department

The High Material Business Department of Hebei Huami New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced several production lines for modified special engineering plastics by combined screw extrusion, with an annual capacity of 60000 tons. It is a professional organization for the production of modified special engineering plastics.

The modified PI, PEEK, PEI, PPS, LCP, PPO, PC, PA66, PC/PBT, PBT, PA6, PC/ABS, ABS, PP, PS, etc. produced by the company have high strength, high wear resistance, wide temperature range, medium resistance and other special properties, and are widely used in aerospace, automotive, high-speed railway, engineering machinery, electrical and electronic industries. Relying on lean production team, professional testing means and sound quality management system, we can provide customers with stable, reliable and cost-effective polymer solutions throughout the industry chain.