Huami New Material


The company pays attention to talent training and gives full play to its talents' strengths. For the sustainable development of the company, it constantly increases training efforts, provides targeted, multi-level and diversified training and development opportunities for employees, and actively sends outstanding employees to key and famous universities for further study. It has established long-term technical and talent cooperation with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Northwest Rubber Institute, Hebei University of Technology and other universities. The company encourages employees to strengthen their learning, cultivate their necessary knowledge and skills, and stimulate their positive beliefs and potential abilities.


Since 2008, Huami has officially launched the "Talent Training Program", that is, to select outstanding fresh graduates from domestic colleges and universities as a member of the company's reserve talent echelon. The company has designed a targeted career development channel for the reserve echelon employees, who start from the grass-roots positions and gradually become business and technical backbone talents and middle and senior management talents with rich professional knowledge, familiar with the company's business model and comprehensive management skills after 4-5 years of training.