Huami New Material

Sub-frame bushing

The product is developed synchronously with main engine manufacturers, and is used in the shock absorption system of the sub-frame of passenger cars.

Control arm bushing

The fatigue life of passenger car control arm bushing has been improved by optimizing the material and technology, and have cooperated with GWM, Leopaard and other main engine manufacturers.

Bogie protective cover

Steering gear protector reduces noise and improves comfort.

Drive shaft intermediate support

Through the optimization of materials and structure, the fatigue can reach 1.5 million times, and the product is maintenance-free. It is mainly matched with FAW and Shanxi Automobile.

Rubber Shock absorber for high-speed rail

The product satisfies the characteristics of high-strength and durable shock-absorbing products for trains, and the material is flame-retardant. It has been installed in large quantities on high-speed rail and metro trains.

Wear-resistant rubber component

It is used at the cable connection on the top of the train. The material is required to be wear-resistant and applied to high-speed rail trains.

Rubber Shock absorber

It is used in Shantui construction machinery and equipment to reduce the vibration caused by the power system and improve comfort.

Rubber-metal pad

The rubber-metal pad is used at the connection between the locomotive head and the body, which acts as a buffer and shock absorber. It needs to withstand a large compression force and has high requirements for materials and vulcanization processes. This product has passed CRRC certification.

Cable duct clamp

It is made of nylon, wear-resistant, and used in the wind power transmission system of Sany.

Cushion - front leaf spring

The commercial vehicle leaf springs are used for shock absorption and noise reduction caused by impact, and have been installed on FAW Jiefang vehicles.

Body mount and bushing

This series of products are mainly used in body turning mechanisms, which require large torque and high requirements for rubber and metal bonding. Now they are mainly used in FAW commercial light vehicles, medium and heavy vehicles

Front suspension limit block assembly

It is used for body cushioning in bad road conditions during driving to reduce abnormal noise, and is matched with FAW, Dayun and other main engine manufacturers.

Radiator mounting

The material of this product is self-developed, has good aging resistance, and has been used in conjunction with FAW.

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