Huami New Material

Top connecting plate

It is used at the top joint of the shock absorber of passenger cars to reduce the bumps during driving and improve driving comfort.

Roller rubber shock absorber

The shock absorption of road rollers, through the improvement of materials and processes, improves the fatigue life, and has been applied to related equipment of Sany.

Engine rubber shock absorber

The engine shock absorber developed for Shantui is installed at multiple points to effectively reduce engine vibration and improve handling and comfort.

Wear-resistant block

It is used for engine and gearbox transmission, and the wear resistance of the product is improved through material formulation design.

Exhaust lifting lug

It can reduce exhaust pipe vibration, and has high temperature resistance and good fatigue durability. It has been supplied to GWM, Changan Auto and other automobile companies.

Motor mount

The products developed for new energy vehicle motors can reduce the body vibration caused by the high-speed operation of the motor and improve driving comfort.

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