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Care for employee health Physical examination warms the heart


In order to strengthen the health management of employees and effectively protect the health of employees, Huami New Material officially launched the 2024 employee occupational health and full staff physical examination activities from April 15 to 24, to escort the health of employees.

Employee health is the cornerstone of the long-term development of enterprises, but also the guarantee of employee happiness. As an occupational health enterprise in Hebei Province, over the years, the company has always put the life safety and physical and mental health of employees in the first place, the health of employees throughout the whole process of high-quality development of the enterprise, regularly organize employees to conduct health check-ups, from the issues concerned by employees, and comprehensively build a healthy enterprise with sound health management mechanism, good working environment and strong corporate culture.

The company will follow up the results of the physical examination and truthfully inform the participating employees of the physical examination report, so that employees can timely understand their health status, enhance their health awareness, and achieve early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. The company implements a one-person, one-file health file for employees, and dynamically tracks and records the physical and mental health of employees to protect their physical and mental health and legitimate rights and interests.