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Provincial Department of Commerce Party secretary, director Zhang Zefeng line to my company research


On April 23, Zhang Zefeng, secretary of the Party Group and director of the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province, went to our company for research. District Party Secretary Yang Lei, deputy secretary of the district Party Committee, district governor Zhao Xianke, district leaders Hao Quansen, Zhang Ziyi, Wang Ping, Bian Guojun together to investigate, company chairman Li Zangwen accompanied the research.

Zhang Zefeng and his delegation understood the production and operation of the company in detail, patiently asked the problems and difficulties existing in the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of the enterprise, recycling of waste products and equipment, etc., and visited the key Laboratory of Special rubber and Plastic Materials and Application Research of our company, Hebei Special Rubber and Plastic Industry Technology Research Institute, New Materials Division, High Materials Division, etc. When visiting the production workshop, Director Zhang Zefeng put forward guiding suggestions for the development of the company from the aspects of cost reduction and efficiency increase, industrial chain extension, market development, etc. Zhang Zefeng said that enterprises should reasonably integrate existing resources, effectively reduce enterprise costs, continue to strengthen brand building, while encouraging innovation and development, and constantly improve product competitiveness. Promote the sustained and rapid development of the new material industry.

When it comes to replacing old consumer goods with new ones and recycling of renewable resources, Zhang Zefeng pointed out that promoting a new round of replacing old consumer goods such as automobiles and household appliances with new ones and recycling of renewable resources is a major decision and deployment made by the Party Central Committee focusing on the overall situation of high-quality development in China, which will effectively expand consumption, smooth the resource recycling chain, improve the quality of life of residents, and promote high-quality economic development. Enterprises should combine their own actual situation, improve the recycling system of renewable resources, the district government should strengthen the help and guidance of renewable resources recycling enterprises, effectively solve the production and operation difficulties of enterprises, and help enterprises seize opportunities, become bigger and stronger, and gradually develop to scale and specialization.

Yang Lei, secretary of the District Party Committee, said that Renze District will take the research guidance as an opportunity to deeply implement the relevant decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, The State Council and the provinces and cities, firmly do a good job in the whole region's key industries, energy saving and carbon reduction transformation, resource recycling project reserves and other mapping work, and constantly improve the recycling system of waste products and equipment. We will continue to work hard to optimize the consumption environment and improve the circulation system, stabilize traditional consumption, expand service consumption, and expand new consumption, effectively promote a new round of large-scale equipment renewal and the replacement of old consumer goods with new ones in the region, and push the high-quality development of the region to a new level with the actual results of policy implementation.