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Blossom like a flower, born for beauty


Both inside and outside the workplace, taking into account family, flexible, women are never who's appendages, trying to manage themselves, to define their own life with an independent attitude. In this spring and poetic March, we ushered in the 114th "38" International Women's Day. In order to express the company's love and blessings for all the female employees, the company has prepared a series of colorful activities for all the female employees.

I only spoil you today

At work, you are a serious and responsible manager, you are a technical person who strives for perfection, and you are a conscientious producer. In life, you are a daughter, a wife and a mother. However, I hope that you are yourself, and I will spoil my employees on Women's Day on March 8.

"Mulan has an appointment" to preach the rule of law

On the morning of March 1st, the "Mulan has an appointment" rule of law propaganda group in Renze District, Xingtai City carried out the rule of law propaganda for the female employees of the company with the theme of "Interpretation of the Civil Code: Protection of Women's Rights and Interests".

During the activity, three lecturers led us to learn the legal issues that women may be involved in the Civil Code of People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Anti-Domestic Violence Law, according to the reality of life and the physiological and psychological characteristics of women. Through vivid and real cases around me, we explained to the female workers present in an easy-to-understand way what rights and interests women enjoy, which rights and interests are easily infringed in daily life, how to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and other legal knowledge related to women's rights protection. Encourage everyone to actively participate in the study, publicity and application of legal knowledge, and effectively improve their ability to know and use the law. Through this publicity activity, female workers' understanding of their rights protection knowledge and ways has been effectively enhanced.

Pleas yourself and bloom beautifully.

On the morning of March 3rd, the company specially hired a professional image trainer, Mr. Lu Mei, to give a wonderful and beautiful lecture to the female employees of the company from three aspects: daily makeup, clothing collocation and manners.


At the event site, Teacher Lu Mei patiently and meticulously explained how to choose the daily makeup that suits you according to your face. At the scene, a female worker was invited as a model, who explained the makeup steps step by step and shared some makeup artist from time to time. After the make-up, the trainer told everyone about the skills of dress matching, as well as the use of workplace etiquette, the main points of standing, sitting, squatting and social etiquette from the aspects of dress selection, scarf shirts and bag accessories. There were frequent interactions and laughter at the event. Everyone said that through this event, everyone will meet every challenge in the future with a more positive attitude towards life.