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Government, school and enterprise tripartite linkage to create talent co-education to achieve a win-win situation for school and enterprise


On March 14, by Xingtai Human resources and Social Security Bureau, Renze District Human resources and Social security Bureau to build Bridges, Yanshan University information School deputy division counselor Liu Xuecai, Yanshan University recruitment and employment Office employment service section chief Tao Jianxin four people to our company to carry out political school and enterprise talent paving bridge exchange meeting.

This exchange meeting adheres to the "government promotion, school-enterprise leadership, market guidance", aims to give full play to the advantages of talent cooperation between government, school and enterprise, promote the docking of talent resources between government, school and enterprise, jointly exchange and expand the space of cooperation between government, school and enterprise, and realize the co-education of talents.At the meeting, the representatives of the three parties, namely government, school and enterprise, had an in-depth exchange on how to promote the deep integration of the innovation chain, the industrial chain and the talent chain, and promote the win-win development of school and enterprise. As the representative of the enterprise, Li Zangxu, general manager of the company, introduced the company's development history, future development strategy and talent selection and training plan. Mr. Li expressed the hope that through school-enterprise cooperation, the integration of industry, academia and research will be deepened, and the co-education of talents will be carried out to achieve a win-win situation.

Liu Xuecai, deputy section-level counselor of Information College of Yanshan University, as the representative of the college, introduced the discipline advantages of Yanshan University and the employment situation of graduates in previous years, and said that through the establishment of the industry alumni association and regional alumni association, the alumni force of Yanshan University will be given full play to achieve resource sharing and mutual benefit. Su Jie, deputy director of the Employment Bureau of Xingtai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, put forward guiding suggestions: the two sides of the school and the enterprise can strengthen communication through the technology and talent exchange meeting, solidly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, jointly cultivate the talents of the enterprise and the market demand, make more and more excellent talents enter the enterprise, break through the barriers between the supply and demand of the school and the enterprise, and promote the deep integration of "politics, school and enterprise" production, teaching and research.

At the docking meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on cooperation, hoping to take this as an opportunity to deepen the close cooperation between the school and the enterprise, share school resources and enterprise resources, strive to achieve the deep integration of industry, academia and research, promote the transformation of achievements, and bear fruits of win-win cooperation as soon as possible.

After the meeting, the delegates visited the company's testing center.