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Hebei Huami Rubber Technology Co., LTD., has made precise efforts to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation in Beiganzhai Village


After the city's "100 enterprises to help 100 villages" working conference, Hebei Huami Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to it, actively participates in poverty alleviation, and tries to innovate the help mode. With practical actions, it demonstrates its fervour for the people and strong sense of responsibility, which has caused a great response in Renxian County.
In order to effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of the help work, Li Zangwen, chairman of the company, and Li Zangxu, general manager of the company, went to the village for many times and held a symposium with Wu Xiaobo, party secretary of the village. Through extensive consultation, the company decided to base on the resource endowment of poor villages, adhere to the method of seeking truth from facts and applying policies based on the village, explore and innovate the principle of four pairs of help, and establish an interest link mechanism with Beiganzhai Village. With rural revitalization as the bone, cultural confidence as the soul, the foot of "embroidery", precise force, to ensure that the help work really help to the point, help to the root.
First, adhere to the principle of combining assistance with rural revitalization, incorporate the improvement of living environment into the scope of assistance, and strive to eliminate poverty. So far, we have provided 104,000 yuan of assistance to Beiganzhai Village, aiming at creating a good environment for sustainable development. 
Second, adhering to the principle of combining assistance with poverty alleviation for the extremely poor, we provided financial assistance to the extremely poor in Beiganzhai Village to help them get out of poverty as scheduled.
Third, we should adhere to the principle of combining assistance with employment and poverty alleviation. We should arrange corresponding jobs for the five poor families who are able to work in our enterprises and pay their wages on a monthly basis so as to increase the income of the poor families through labor and help them get out of poverty as soon as possible.
Fourth, adhere to the principle of combining assistance and poverty prevention, relying on the village work team as a feedback platform, timely understanding of information, to prevent "poverty alleviation, while returning to poverty".
At present, the advanced deeds of Hebei Huami Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. in helping Beiganzhai Village have been praised by the county leaders and the masses, which has become a banner of Ren County's "100 enterprises help 100 villages" targeted poverty alleviation and prevention action.