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Team work, concentric fight against the epidemic


Working together as a team, fighting the epidemic -----, Huami Xincai is in action

  "The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is the responsibility". Since the epidemic containment in Renze District on March 31, the company, under the leadership of Chairman Li Cangwen and General Manager Li Zangxu, has made rapid response according to the district's epidemic prevention requirements and combined with the actual situation of the company. All departments have actively acted and fully cooperated to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.
First, the leaders of the company made emergency deployment and arranged the work from the aspects of environmental elimination, flow investigation, material support, staff care, etc., and the business Management Department and the Safety and Environment Department followed up the development of various works and did a good job in logistics support.
1. Due to the sudden sealing and control of the epidemic, the cleaning staff could not be in place in time. The Enterprise Management Department reclassified the disinfection area of the company, The responsibility fell to the individual.



2. Cooperate with municipal and district-level flow adjustment work. The company's turnover team shall be formed by the Enterprise Management Department, the Safety and Environment Department and the temporary staff to immediately investigate the employees who have eaten at Shanxi Pagoda Tree Noodle Restaurant in the next 27 days and summarize the information so as to master the situation.
3. According to the push information of Renze District and the investigation information of the company, the company decided to change the mold dormitory into the isolation dormitory. After receiving the notice, the former dormitory staff actively cooperated and adjusted the isolation dormitory into place in only two hours, which fully reflected the overall view of Huami people at the critical moment.

4. In order to ensure the daily life of the quarantined personnel, the company arranges special personnel to deliver meals to the quarantined personnel, regularly distribute traditional Chinese medicine drinks, provide hot water and daily necessities, and care for other needs of the quarantined personnel from time to time to eliminate their nervous mood.

5. Due to the sudden sealing and control, the daily necessities of the staff were in short supply. Upon the decision of the leaders, all departments counted the daily necessities needed and reported them to the business Management Department for summary.


6. Considering the resumption of work and production, the company urgently dispatched employees from all departments to clean the dormitory of Lao Jianjiu, restore water and electricity, and purchase daily necessities such as beds, mattresses and bedding. By the afternoon of April 5, accommodation conditions had been basically met, and various living facilities would continue to be improved later.


Ii. In the afternoon of March 31st, the Management Committee of the Development Zone actively coordinated the medical professionals to conduct nucleic acid testing for all staff of the company. By April 7th, 5 rounds of nucleic acid testing had been completed for all staff.


Iii. In order to ensure the normal production of the company, on April 5th, under the coordination of the leaders of the Industry and information Technology Bureau of the District, the company took about 40 employees back to the company by special car, which provided a strong guarantee for the company to resume work and production.

Iv. At the moment of the epidemic, Huami Xincai actively assumes social responsibility and carries forward the spirit of Huami. On the afternoon of April 4th, Huami Xincai donated 200,000 yuan to the Red Cross Society of Renze District to help the prevention and control of the epidemic and make its own contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

At the same time, in order to guarantee the livelihood of the people in the sealed village during the special period, the company actively responded to the call. On the evening of April 5th, the company made an emergency purchase of about 8 tons of fresh vegetables, and organized the employees of all departments to cooperate in division of labor. It took one hour for the vegetables to be packaged separately. Early in the morning of April 6, they were sent to Hetou Village, sealed control area, and sent to every household by Hetou Village volunteers. The "Love Warming the Neighborhood Vegetable Bag" not only warms the hearts of the residents in the sealed area, but also gathers the determination and confidence of everyone to fight the epidemic as one.






 The epidemic is merciless, people love, teamwork is infinite. In this battle against the epidemic, Huami people go hand in hand, solidarity and cooperation, warm people's hearts with love, show their determination with love, and accumulate unlimited power to defeat the epidemic! To fight the epidemic, we have been acting!