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Zhang Wei, deputy of Provincial People's Congress


Zhang Wei, male, born in July 1986, master degree candidate, intermediate engineer, deputy of the 14th People's Congress of Hebei Province, currently Vice president of the Research Institute of Hebei Huami New Material Technology Co., LTD.

It is the basic condition and duty of deputies to the People's Congress to base themselves on their own posts, do their own work well and play a leading role. Since joining the work, Zhang Wei has been engaged in the research and development of rubber and plastic materials, and presided over the development of a number of new materials and new products in the fields of aerospace and high-speed rail. Among them, flame-retardant rubber materials for high-speed rail have been in the leading level in China, and his paper results won the third prize of the National rubber products Technology discussion. In 2020, we won the national patent "A kind of Roller sliding pile", the national patent "A kind of dust proof structure of mixing machine" and the national patent "a kind of self-locking structure with spring washer" in 2022. He has been serving in the off-campus education and guidance of college students for a long time, and has been employed as the off-campus instructor of Qingdao University of Science and Technology and Hebei University of Science and Technology, and has been praised by the school and teachers and students. Based on the company's public service platform, we actively participate in the basic research and data accumulation of the industry, and give long-term technical support to regional enterprises, which has achieved a good response in the industry and society.

Zhang Wei always adheres to reform and innovation, pioneering and forging ahead, firmly based on his own position, actively promoting personnel training and technological innovation, in order to play a role in the development of the enterprise and regional economy. The organization of the company through the internal network to establish a learning platform, to realize the sharing of learning materials; Skills competition will be carried out through on-site competition and online answer, and different degrees of rewards will be given to outstanding performers and all active participants, so as to improve the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees in learning. The company has established an innovation research and development platform, which provides all employees with an innovation channel and ample opportunities to participate in learning, develop together and innovate. The realization of all staff's participation in learning will be included in the company's year-end evaluation and promotion of the assessment content, the staff's learning progress and personal development, income closely. Through the above measures, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn, strengthen the awareness of innovation, improve the technical innovation ability of all staff.In the new era, deputies to the People's Congress have been given new requirements and new missions. Zhang Wei will always cherish the responsibilities entrusted by the people, respond to new challenges with greater enthusiasm, further play the leading role of a deputy to the People's Congress, and make new contributions to the solid progress of the "Hebei scene, Xingtai practice and Renze Action" of the Chinese style modernization.Zhang Wei promised that this is the first year for the full implementation of the Party's 20 National Spirits, the key year for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the year for the comprehensive recovery and development of the economy and society after the COVID-19 epidemic, and the year for great strides forward after the listing of Huami New Materials. As the leader of characteristic industrial cluster enterprises in Hebei Province and the president unit of Rubber and Plastic Industry Association in Renze District, our company will not only continuously improve its technological innovation ability, but also actively share our personnel training experience to provide rubber and plastic materials and technical services for more than 200 rubber and plastic products enterprises in the region.

Source: Ren Ze People's Congress