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"Quality help to enter thousands of enterprises" service enterprise activities - enter Huami New Materials


In order to solidly carry out the "quality assistance to thousands of enterprises" service enterprise activities in our city, and help enterprises improve their independent innovation ability and product competitiveness. On February 3, the Quality Development Section and the Standard Management Section of Xingtai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly entered Huami to provide point-to-point services for enterprises and help them grow bigger and stronger.





During the activity, the experts of the municipal bureau's support group publicized and explained the quality, standards and preferential policies for enterprises, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the company's management team represented by the company's general manager, Li Zangsu, on the problems encountered in the development of enterprises, objectively and accurately analyzed the current situation of the industry, deeply understood the quality needs of enterprises, and on the formulation and revision of enterprise standards, quality improvement, brand cultivation It provides constructive suggestions to enterprises in terms of enhancing the core competitiveness of products.