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Huamei New Material "Safe Production Month" theme oath ceremony and fire emergency drill activities


June this year is the 22nd "Safety production Month" in the country, and the theme of this year's activity is "Everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergencies." On the morning of June 26, the company held the "Safety production month" theme oath ceremony and fire emergency drill activities, and the company's leaders and employees of all departments participated in the activity.

Mr. Li Zangwen, chairman of the company, first made a mobilization speech and emphasized three points on the implementation of the activity: First, improve awareness, strengthen the organization, ensure that the activities are carried out effectively and orderly, and vigorously create an atmosphere of "concern for safety and care for life" in the company. The second is to strengthen their responsibilities, abide by the law and perform their duties, clarify their respective safety production responsibilities, understand the law and abide by the law, perform their duties, and be the first responsible person for their own safety. The third is full mobilization, full participation, careful organization, in order to achieve actual results, to further enhance employees' awareness of the importance of production safety, to enhance the emergency response ability of all staff, to ensure that the company's production safety situation continues to be stable.

Subsequently, the company's vice president of safety PI Fengtao led all participants to make a solemn oath to the safety of production work: for the happiness of themselves and their families, for the safe development of the enterprise, I hereby promise: Strictly implement the safety responsibility of the post, actively participate in safety production training, firmly grasp the knowledge of safety production, comprehensively improve emergency handling skills, on the standard post, do rest assured work, on the post for one minute, safety 60 seconds, perform duties for family happiness, contribute to the company's safety development, create a safe Huami, happy Huami! After the oath, under the leadership of the company, all the personnel who participated in the launch ceremony signed on the theme display board.

After the signing, the company's fire emergency drill officially began, and all departments orderly evacuated according to the requirements of the emergency plan and arrived at the designated place for collection.The company's firefighters put out the fire in the imaginary place. After the drill, the staff of the Renze District Fire Rescue Brigade gave a serious explanation on the use of fire equipment and the four abilities of fire fighting, guided the representatives of the new employees to carry out the fire extinguisher practice, and held the fire extinguishing relay competition, and finally the representative team of the products Division and the procurement, finance and quality Control Department won the championship.Finally, the general manager of the company, Mr. Li Zangxu, summarized the activity, pointing out that today's activity is a vivid practical teaching, the district fire rescue brigade on the use of fire equipment and fire four capabilities of the wonderful explanation, improve the company's staff fire safety awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue ability. Hope to take this activity as an opportunity to further do the company's fire safety work better and more solid, eliminate all kinds of safety hazards in the bud, do "nip in the bud", and make unremitting efforts to promote the construction of Ping An Hua Mi!